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(一) Common process flow:

The process flow is mainly affected by cleaning agent, It generally can be divided into 2 types according to the cleaning agent:

water-based ultrasonic cleaning line and solvent ultrasonic cleaning line.

About solvent type,the majority is ultrasonic vacuum cleaning line.

1. The cleaning process of Water-based type ultrasonic:

1) Loading material;

2) Ultrasonic cleaning;

3) Spraying and rinsing;

4) Ultrasonic cleaning;

5) Ultrasonic rinsing;

6) Wind shear;

7) Drying;

8) Taking out the material.

2. The cleaning process of Solvent ultrasonic:

1) Loading material;

2) Ultrasonic vacuum cleaning;

3) Vacuum rinsing;

4) Vacuum drying;

5) Vacuum recycle;

6) Taking out the material.

For solvent ultrasonic cleaning needs to be pointed out that some ultrasonic cleaning machines are not combined with vacuum cleaning technology in current.

Therefore, it is recommended to use high flash point cleaning agent and the cleaning trough cooling equipment is also opened at the same time when cleaning to make sure the temperature of cleaning agent within a safe range.

(二)Key points of Process:

Combined with the analysis of process influence parameters and the main process flow, the key points of ultrasonic cleaning process are as follows:

1) Choose suitable cleaning agent for the workpiece pollutants.

2) Choose suitable ultrasonic frequency according to the workpieces’ material, structure and shape.

3) Optimize the setting of ultrasonic frequency and power spectral density to achieve the optimal cleaning effect Under the premise of ensuring no cavitation corrosion of the workpiece.

4) Confirmed the height of cleaning agent and the position of the workpiece.

5) Controlled the flow rate of cleaning agent when cleaning agent recycling.

6) Confirmed the cleaning agent temperature.

7) Confirmed the cleaning time.

(三)The selection principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1) Frequency selection: Different frequency selected is according to different materials and different pollution levels , mainly use 28 KHZ and 40KHZ.

2) Capacity selection: Capacity selection(Inner tank size) is depend on the size and number of cleaning workpiece;

3) Power selection: Choose ultrasonic power is exquisite, the density is 50W/ 3-5l in generally and it’s depending on the complex conditions of the workpiece.All ChunRain ultrasonic cleaning machine is configured in strict accordance with the ultrasonic principle.

4) Others.