Service guarantee

Free test cleaning to let customers buy & use it rest assured.

Free warranty is 18 months which is more half a year than peers.

Routine maintenance

1. Check that the surface of the equipment is clean and clean;

2. Check the ambient temperature, relative humidity, etc. of the equipment;

3. The equipment has abnormal vibration and noise;

4. Check if the LEDs and indicators are working properly.

5. Check if the digital temperature controller and ammeter show that the reading is correct;

6. Check if the water output from the line outlet is reduced.


Annual maintenance

1. Check circuit components for rust, odor and discoloration;

2. Check that all connectors are installed and connected;

3. Check the operation of the timer and the use of the contactor;

4. Check the balance of the output line voltage between the phases during operation of the inverter for operation.

5. Check the resistance between the end wires (inverter, ultrasonic generator control box).