Service guarantee

Free test cleaning to let customers buy & use it rest assured.

Free warranty is 18 months which is more half a year than peers.

Shenzhen Chunlin Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, manufacturer and seller of cleaning equipment. Its products have passed the international FCC, CE and ROHS certification. Chunlin is the leader in the ultrasonic cleaning industry. For the products produced and sold by our company, we solemnly promise to do the following after-sales service.

1. After the arrival of the goods, ensure that the equipment and equipment fully comply with the quality, specifications, performance and technical requirements specified in the contract.

2. After the ultrasonic cleaning machine is installed and accepted, the instrument officially enters the warranty period, the warranty period is 18 months, and lifetime maintenance.

3. All repair costs caused by the quality of the instrument during the warranty period, including the replacement of spare parts and labor costs, are all exempted. The damage caused by human factors or illegal operation, irresistible factors and the wearing parts of the product are not covered by the warranty. Within the scope.

4. Our company has established a number of after-sales service organizations throughout the country, and has a team of qualified maintenance engineers with formal training, responding to users 24 hours a day, and responding to warranty information.

5. For the products developed and produced by our company, our engineers are responsible for the installation, commissioning and maintenance; for the products sold by the agents, we have contacted the suppliers properly, and the suppliers will provide after-sales service.

6. Establish after-sales service end-user data files, insist on telephone return visits, and pay attention to the user's usage at any time.

7. In order to ensure the normal and continuous use of the equipment, our company provides us with consumable consumables after the warranty period.

8. When the instrument is returned, please fill in the paper according to the following form and put it into the instrument.