Chunlin 2019 Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice



  You Chunlin people:

  June 07, 2019 is the Dragon Boat Festival, the national legal holiday is a day off, I wish all Chunlin people happy holidays!

  In order to facilitate the timely and reasonable arrangement of various departments for the production of holidays, the specific arrangements for the date of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday are as follows:

  June 07, 2019 - June 09, 2019 holiday, a total of 3 days. Among them, the Dragon Boat Festival on June 07 (Friday) is a legal holiday, and June 08 and June 09 (Saturday and Sunday) are public holidays.

  During the holidays, all departments must do their work carefully:

  (1) Strengthen safety production and other work leaders during the festival, strengthen supervision and management, implement various safety measures, and ensure safe production during the holiday season.

  (2) It is necessary to do the duty and safety and security work during the holiday season, strictly enforce the duty system, and have the leadership to take the class and the duty system. The duty personnel must fulfill their duties, encounter major problems and emergency emergencies, and must go to the superiors in the first time. Please report the report and handle it properly without delay. Make sure you have a happy and peaceful holiday on the occasion of the new year.

  All departments are requested to report the holiday duty schedule to the Office of the Personnel Department of the company before June 5th.

  Shenzhen Chunlin Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd.

  June 03, 2019