Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in the shipbuilding industry



With the continuous development of shipping, the needs of various domestic transportation vessels, engineering vessels, port ships, military vessels and offshore platforms need to be repaired by nearly one thousand rounds each year. In the ship repair process, the application of advanced cleaning equipment will greatly improve the efficiency of repair. In ship repair, the most important cleaning equipment is ultrasonic cleaning machine. The ultrasonic cleaning machine can not only easily remove all kinds of dirt on the surface of the hull, so that the ship can quickly carry out overall maintenance treatment. Moreover, it is also efficient, fast and environmentally friendly for the oil stains on the surface of various marine equipment and components. While improving maintenance efficiency, the amount of various chemicals in ship maintenance can be significantly reduced.

In addition, the parts cleaning machine plays a very important role in ship repair. During the ship repair process, a large number of various ship machinery components need to be processed in various ways. To ensure the treatment, the components need to be cleaned before and after treatment. Diesel was previously used as a cleaning medium and manually cleaned manually. This method is not only inefficient, but also costly and harmful to the operator. At the same time, because diesel is an explosive and volatile gas, improper handling can easily lead to various explosion accidents during repairs! The advanced Chunlin ultrasonic cleaner uses a combination of powerful ultrasonic, temperature and neutral water-based cleaners. Deep cleaning of components inside the device. Not only is it efficient, but also because of the recycling of the cleaning solution, the cost of use is very low!