Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the automotive industry



The cleaning of the traditional automobile industry generally uses high-pressure water, plus various chemical solvents and cleaning agents to complete the cleaning operation, which wastes a lot of water resources, while cleaning the dirt impurities and sewage containing chemical substances, destroying the environment. ,

The use of Chunlin auto parts ultrasonic cleaning machine can fully eradicate all kinds of stubborn grease and dirt. The most important ultrasonic waves can enter small cracks and holes, peel off grease and residue, and achieve high efficiency, ultra-clean and environmental protection requirements. The automobile ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly to remove various pollutions generated in these processes, to ensure the quality of the products in the subsequent processes such as installation, to avoid adverse effects on the operation process of the installation due to the dirt, and to ensure the appearance quality of the automobile. The effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine has greatly promoted the further development of the automotive industry.

Cleaning range includes: engine block, cylinder head, carburetor, steel ring, tire, front axle, rear axle, swing arm, ball head, coil spring, valve body, drive shaft, hub, crankshaft, bearing bush, transmission gear, Spark plugs, grease nipples, pressure plates, clutch plates, vacuum boosters, pistons, etc.