Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in railway industry



With the continuous development of railway rolling stock technology, the stability and safety standards of railway vehicle brake related accessories are constantly improving, and the maintenance process and maintenance standards of train brake valves are gradually developing towards high standards and high precision. In the field of brake valve cleaning, high-pressure jet cleaning technology can not meet the maintenance standards of electric air brake valves for new trains. Therefore, higher standards of cleaning technology are required, and as the cleaning process is complicated, higher requirements are placed on the automation of the process.

The design of railway spare parts ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts different cleaning industries for different workpieces. Ultrasonic cleaning machine, rinsing, spraying, drying, automatic manipulator, PLC control, etc. are applied to ultrasonic cleaning machine to better adapt to railway locomotive spare parts. Cleaning.

Scope of application: brake pads, brake valves, bearings, gears, air conditioning accessories, heat sinks, etc.