Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in metal stamping parts



Ultrasonic cleaning of metal stamping parts refers to the cleaning solvent combined with ultrasonic technology to remove the liquid and solid contaminants attached to the surface of metal stamping parts, so that the surface of the workpiece reaches a certain degree of cleanliness. Metal stamping parts will leave stamping oil hydraulic oil in the process of processing and production. The stamping parts belong to the opposite sex workpieces. The traditional cleaning method is difficult to clean. The Chunlin ultrasonic cleaning machine solves this problem well and has no residue after cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine advantage

Compared with conventional cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machines have incomparable advantages:

1. Fast;

2. High cleanliness;

3. Suitable for complex parts;

4. Environmental protection.

Scope of application: metal stamping parts, aluminum parts, copper parts, iron parts stamping oil burr dust and so on.