Crayfish ultrasonic cleaner is too powerful




t’s time to eat crayfish. The crayfish has become a big night stand, the restaurant’s signature food, crayfish and beer, don’t mention more delicious, crayfish also have dozens of practices, oily prawns, brine shrimp , garlic crayfish, spicy crayfish, spicy crayfish, said that the Xiaobian's saliva must flow out. Although crayfish is delicious, we all know that the environment in which crayfish grow is bad. Many crayfish have many parasites. The whole body is sludge, scale, and cleaning is particularly difficult. So, for our consumers, the disease From the mouth, if the crayfish are not cleaned, it will definitely cause health problems. Then, crayfish is so delicious, the cleaning problem can not be solved, consumers will naturally not pay, how to solve this cleaning problem?

Everyone knows that the conventional cleaning method is to use a brush. Conscience merchants may be relatively quick to brush. Individual merchants are convenient for the map. Every time the crayfish is brushed three times, the health problem is worrying, especially some big ones. The lobster cleaning shop consumes four to five hundred kilograms of crayfish every day. The manpower can be brushed. How can I do this? This workload is very large.

However, this year's market is popular with a cleaning artifact, specifically for the cleaning of crayfish, called the crayfish ultrasonic cleaning machine, also called ultrasonic washing shrimp machine, or ultrasonic crayfish cleaning machine, Chunlin brand ultrasonic cleaning machine CR-100S, Every shop owner wants to have such a machine, the cleaning speed is very fast, it can replace the manual cleaning, not only the speed is fast, but also the cleaning is particularly clean, the sludge deposit of the horns can be washed out, and even more The parasite has nowhere to hide, and the cleaning is convenient and simple. Pour the crayfish into the cleaning tank, fill it with water, and it can be thoroughly cleaned in just 10 minutes. It saves labor, and the powerful crayfish ultrasonic cleaning machine If you are also a food and beverage store owner, are you also a small one?